Why Do We Want Awning And Canopy

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Sometimes we just want to relax outside but, you know, not really on the OUTSIDE? Why would we ever want to step foot out when it is perfectly safe and secure indoors? No, what we mean is that tiny part of your house that has access outside. Where you could relax under the sun or maybe hide from it at the same time enjoying what outside fresh air was like. That is right, we are talking about awning and canopy in Manhattan.

Because we are more likely to just want to stay in the house more often than most people would think, we tend to just want to wander around the house. But we need that vitamin D so of course there are times where we have no choice but to get out of the said house and try to soak up as much vitamin D as you can with as little time as possible. Right?

You could have your sunrooms and your expensive rooftops where you could enjoy the view while also trying to burn your skin cells, but where would you even have the money for frivolous things like those? You could just go to your porch and get your vitamins there without really trying.

Drink tea or coffee there with your family, whichever you really prefer. You could have coffee if you were a stressed human being always yearning for that fix. Or be a tea drinker if you are one of those that have given up coffee in order to not get addicted to it but then again got addicted to tea anyway.

But at least tea is healthy and is made of plants and leaves and flowers so it technically counts as fruits and vegetable in juice form. Right? But is coffee not also from plants too? Are they not just from bitter beans that people harvest from farms?

So if tea is what you would call leaf juice, does that not make coffee bean juice? Yes, here is the can of worms we just inadvertently opened up for you. Please take it, we do not want it. But anyway, the point is that those are what people usually drink when they are under a canopy and relaxing while sitting at their backyard or front yard, whichever you really put your awning at, who cares at this point.

At least you have it at you place. Most of us will just resort to actually socializing with other life forms just to get the vitamin D that we need for ourselves. And sometimes it was not worth it.

But we got them anyway and even though leaving the house is something us introverts really despised doing, not because of we are afraid of interactions but more because we are a shallow elitist who think everyone is stupid apart from us, we still do it.

that is just like cleaning, even though everyone clearly does not want to do it. But we have no choice, right? Same with needing to get some sun into our system but we have to interact with the outside world in order to do it.