What To Consider When You Rent Army Prop Tents?

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For any season, rain or shine, Prop Tents features high-quality tents which can be used for any type of events. Most of the rental companies accessorize the tent with flooring, carpeting portable dance floor, fans, lighting and heating systems. Whether it is for intimate wedding receptions or gala dinner, single street fair, sales prop tents or multiple tents for massive outdoor festival…rental companies have everything you need in stock.

The army prop rental companies offer commercial grade equipment and all of their tents that accommodate food service regulations. They can also accessorize the tents with branded graphics and decals that attract your guests the most.

army prop rental tents

In this article, we will discuss what to consider when you rent a prop tent in great detail.

  • Consider your guest count

Prop tent rental companies are skilled at determining how many people will fit within the certain square footage. If you have long tables, you will need 80 square foot per eight guest for sure.

plan your seating accordingly
  • Plan your seating accordingly

Will you need a separate table at the front of your room, a buffet area, a stage and a dance floor? These all require space that should be factored into the final measurement. Include the buffer between the food tables and stage area to accommodate guests comfortably. Always round up when making calculations to make sure your guests have room to sit and move comfortably.

  • Rental Companies offer custom features

Customize your prop army tent by adding elements to enhance the mood or comfort level. While most prop tents are white, some rental companies offered coloured tents or clear-top tents for a unique look.

season extras
  • Seasons Extras

In cooler months, you can add a tent heater. Portable flooring, hard decks or carpet can make a prop tent more like a banquet hall at an extra cost. The less expensive option is to add a dance floor to the tent.

I hope this guide serves as a useful tool for all new and prosperous events that you are going to organize in the upcoming days. If you or your friend have a wedding recently, check out here to learn how these prop tents can create the wedding of your dreams.