What Makes a Good Web Development Company

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The world of web development is still very misunderstood. We even heard people call it "dark art". So when you need help turning your ideas and designs into high-quality websites or web applications, how do you know who you can trust to solve them?

The purpose of this post is to provide some important points about what makes a good web development company and will help you understand the types of questions you should ask the developer company. You can contact the web development companies in Philadelphia for the best results.

This will be a post with very many opinions and we don't apologize for that. If you disagree with anything, we are certainly open to discussing it further.

Now to continue with the post. Below are the main fields that we will look at, and what you should look for in a web development company.

  • Able to do front-end and back-end development
  • Don't specialize in one back-end technology
  • Must follow best practices
  • Understand marketing strategies around the project
  • Invest time in research and development
  • Has a rigorous testing process, including automatic testing
  • Flexible to change
  • Use source control
  • Able to do front-end and back-end development

We do not subscribe to the idea of developers doing front-end development and developers who are doing back-end development. It is the same as having a plumber that only fits the pipe and allows the installation of bathrooms, showers, sinks and toilets for others.

We agree that there is a separation between web developers and web designers, there are very different thought processes happening there, but the separation between front-end and back-end is wrong.

To become a good web developer, you need to understand the full development cycle and to be able to get involved in the project from start to finish. There are many things that can be learned from working with various technologies, but we will arrive at that.