Various Techniques in Teeth Whitening

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No one wants yellowish or brownish teeth. If you see an evil stain on your teeth, then you are a candidate for whitening teeth. There are many trends and teeth whitening techniques available today that will help restore the pearl white smile. But the question is what product or procedure should you choose?

To choose the best teeth whitening method, you must first understand the various options available. Different trends and techniques in teeth whitening today are basically divided into two groups – office bleaching and do-it-yourself teeth whitening. You may explore to find the teeth whitening dentists.

Office Bleaching Procedure

The whitening procedure in the office is done by cosmetic dentists and has been proven to be fast and effective for whitening teeth. There are many different ways about how a dentist can whiten your teeth and restore your pearl white smile. The most popular office procedures are:

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Porcelain Veneer – If you have a gap between a tooth and a chipped tooth, your cosmetic dentist will most likely recommend coating it with a porcelain veneer. This material functions as a shell around the teeth to hide unsightly chips and stains for a whiter smile.

Internal Bleaching – This procedure is done by drilling teeth and then filling the hole with a special whitening gel. Specially formulated gels left to sit for a week in the teeth are then replaced with permanent fillings. Dentists strictly recommend internal bleaching only for patients who have sensitive nerve endings or removed by surgery.

Laser Teeth Whitening – This is the most popular among the various bleaching procedures performed by a dentist. The dentist starts by coating your teeth with a hydrogen peroxide solution (h202) then exposes it to light pulses of mercury halide to break down h202 in the gel. This effect works by oxidizing stains from your teeth and making them whiter.

DIY Teeth Whitening Procedure

The professional teeth whitening procedures mentioned above are known to be expensive. A visit to the dentist for teeth whitening treatments can easily cost you $ 400 or more. If you are not ready to spend an amount of money to whiten your teeth, DIY whitening treatments are an available alternative.

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