Uses of Ketamine in Medical

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Ketamine therapy is not first-line therapy for psychiatric disorders or chronic pain management and can be considered by a patient interdisciplinary team after standard treatment failure.

The dose, frequency, and duration of treatment for ketamine infusion are adjusted to the patient's condition, needs, and response to therapy with input from the pain management team.

Serial infusions appear to be more effective than single infusions for psychiatric disorders and chronic pain conditions. You can buy legal ketamine online from

Use for psychiatric disorders:

Because major psychiatric disorders, such as MDD, are the most disabling mental, neurological, and related substances and acute migraines, a new therapeutic approach is being considered to treat or delay the onset of this disorder.

Low-dose Ketamine IV can induce a fast and strong, though transient, anti-depressant effect, even in patients who are resistant to treatment who do not respond to ECT.


Use for treatment of chronic pain:

Ketamine can be used for chronic pain management for a variety of disorders, including CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome), ischemic leg pain, ghost limb pain, fibromyalgia and neuropathic pain, herpes neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia, post nerve injury and chronic myofascial pain.

Ketamine may have a role as an opiate supplement for cancer, a primary that is of neuropathic origin and can be a treatment option for patients who cannot tolerate an opioid response.


The current literature shows that ketamine in sub-anesthetic doses can provide short-term relief from refractory neuropathic pain and symptom reduction in psychiatric disorders that have long been using oral antidepressants.

Ketamine should only be used after careful risk/benefit assessment for patients and must be given by a pain clinic specialist, who is willing to follow the patient carefully.

Chronic pain and depression are things that millions of people deal with every day, and that can really obstruct their ability to live a normal and healthy life. Pain management clinics and psychiatric centers are places that specialize in helping people to relieve the pain and stress they feel every day.