Things To Do When In Fiji Island

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Are you planning to go on a trip to Fiji Island? Do you have your schedule ready? Are you struggling with a list of all the places you want to visit while in Fiji?

Fiji Island is located in the South Pacific Ocean and it greets many visitors every year. Having more than 300 tropical islands and warm weather the whole year, Fiji has more tourists looking for adventure. Plan your trip to Fiji secluded island and make your vacation memorable for life.

Here is a brief list of the places you should not miss while on holiday on this exotic island.

A Boat Trip

This is an exciting journey through the dense beauty of the island. You can travel through thick mangrove forests on the boat.

This is a unique and enlightening place to go with family. You can relax in your boat and fish in some of the most famous fishing center situated here.

Water sports

There is so much to do if you plan to spend your holiday in Fiji. Water sports cover scuba diving, cliff diving, surfing, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking and some more activities that will keep you energized and excited. Crystal blue waters and abundant marine life is an absolute must when in Fiji.


If you want something more physical education and a little less for the day, go to the Fiji Museum. You can watch and read about archeology preserved for more than a few thousand years.