The basic symptoms of termites

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Termites are difficult for the naked eye to detect because the preferred environment is well protected, damp and dark. The most common way termites are detected is to notice signs of their damage. These insects leave behind several different signs of their existence, including:

Hollow sounding wood – Termites attack the floors, baseboards, doors or other wood inside that comes from the area with a hollow sound when struck. Termites are extremely destructive and bite most of the content of the wood and leave a thin layer of paint or wood. If you are looking for the commercial termite solution then you can browse the web.

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Cracks – cracks can start to form when termites begin to devour the wood around door jams or walls, which will impact the structural integrity of the building. While it might be termites causing cracks, it is always useful to carefully inspect the area for other reasons cracks are likely to appear, such as movement in the building.

Mud – Termites create mud tunnels to move along a safer environment. Most of the time, these mud tunnels are difficult to detect, but can sometimes be seen in the lintels buildings or brick foundations.

Termite treatment

There are a variety of techniques that can be used by professionals in the process of stopping the attack against termites. The preferred remedy is certain to refer to the specific situation and extent of damage in place.