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Strategic SEO Primer for Freelance Providers

Why Do Freelancing Work with SEO Filipino?

This is Kalervo. I am a trainer whose passion rests in writing.

I train people about the ins and outs of the largest marketplace of work-at-home jobs. I train people how to prepare their offline and online work environment. I train people how to continuously get noticed by clients, hence, continuous income.

In other words, I teach Filipinos to be competent online earners.

With my skills and professionalism, many of my clients have insisted that I go find some more people like me. That is something I cannot do and will not attempt to do so.

But I can train others with the same skill set I have and the same work ethic clients cherish.

Put simply, I am now looking for freelance providers who want to start in the field of writing, who will be able to give quality work and follow instructions carefully with minimum supervision.

I am looking for people who are willing to take writing jobs as entry positions. Freelance providers who become members of the SEO Filipino Web Site will be able to participate in search engine optimization contests which begin with content writing jobs. As one contest progresses, freelancers are rewarded more because of their results!

In addition, training materials and full support will be provided. It is like taking you by the hand to earn online doing article writing jobs in the beginning and participating in SEO contests.

You do not have to be great to start. But, you have to start somewhere, somehow, to be great. If you are willing to learn and exert effort to have self-discipline, there will be a great career waiting for you!

Warm Regards,

Kalervo Viitala
Webmaster and Owner, SEO Filipino