Popular Lyft Codes For Existing Users

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With a Lyft app on their mobile phones, the traveller can easily get a cab and within minutes of requesting a ride, Lyft connects you with your driver. The app requires you to provide just a few details, including an active phone number, a legitimate form of payment and perhaps your location, which is an easy process you can do in just a few minutes . if you are looking to save money as an existing passenger, using Lyft could be the best deal you can get. 

Now, one of the best ways to make savings as a passenger when using Lyft to find affordable rides is to make use of promo codes and coupons. Luckily, as a Lyft user, promo codes can be sent automatically to your email address. However, there are various types of promo codes and understanding a thing or two about them will be an advantage to you. You can go to Rideshare Dashboard where you get an insight into how you can get promo codes for existing as well as new drivers. 

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In this article, we will discuss popular Lyft codes for existing users in great detail.

  • Referral Codes

As an existing user, Lyft depends on you to market for them if at all services are satisfying. One way of marketing is making referrals to friend and family. This is beneficial to everyone…for company, the friend and you who has made the referral. In other words, referral codes are one of the most popular promo codes as far as Lyft is concern.

Lyft promo codes
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  • Discount Codes

Discount can come in many forms. Percentage discounts reduced the amount of fare by a given percentage, sparing you a considerable amount of bucks that you can direct elsewhere. These discounts could be as high as 50%. Paying a one-time fee at the beginning of the month, perhaps to get a flat rate on your rides as Lyft Promo code not the first ride for the entire month can also be another way to get a discount.

  • Holiday and special event codes

Holiday and special events are so dear to people and they are meant to be enjoyed. Talk of music festivals, concerts, Mother’s day etc what’s better than a free Uber Ride or a discount special event offer given by Lyft? You will enjoy rides at pretty prices or even free rides just because it’s a holiday.

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Lyft promos apply for both new Lyft users as well as existing users. Even though promo codes for existing users are many, the above are more popular than others. Almost everything that you do or have involves money and even though it may cost you some bucks, using Lyft can be very affordable. Check out here to learn how older adults can use ride-sharing apps in great detail.