How Online News Portal Came Into Existence?

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News plays an important role in our life. History tells us the first sophisticated way for the public to get news was through printed newspapers.

Even today newspaper is still in the game. But enormous growth and development in technology have clearly overshadowed the traditionally printed newspaper. In today’s world newspaper is not of much importance as in previous centuries.

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But the importance of news has never changed. People want to know what is happening in the country. The only thing that has changed is the way we receive the news. Nowadays, you can get the immediate coverage of news as soon as an incident is reported. Uken Report (Official link: is one such online platform where you can get news on people, personalities, politics and every little aspect of the Coachella Valley.     

The transition of printed newspaper to digital media started from the advent of the Radio and Televisions. Since then, the newspaper started losing its popularity. Because no one is interested in reading news that they can see or hear it on the television.

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More importantly, you do not have to wait for the next morning to get the important information. Newspaper agencies understand these rapidly changing trends and demands of the public. News agencies started focusing on the quality of press and media.

For a long period, press and media have ruled the market. Even today, both the press and media have quite a strong presence in the market but with the growth of internet technology, the television media is losing its popularity among the youth.

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More importantly, the benefits of the internet technology aspire everyone to use online news portal. The Internet allows the users to get news anywhere, anytime. News on the internet is published as soon as the incident is reported anywhere in the world. You can also browse this website to know more about online new portals.