Mixing Up Your Workouts

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We all know how frustrating it can be when we take time out of our busy lives to get to the gym or go on that run and begin to stop seeing results. Often times we have already lost a significant amount of weight before it appears that our progress is beginning to platteau. So why is it that what had already worked so well in the past is beginning to no longer work? The truth is that our bodies have adapted to our workouts.

    Some exercise programs such as CrossFit acknowledge this fact and train people to constantly confuse their bodies in order to continue to progress in losing weight and toning. Although many believe CrossFit to be a little extreme for their personal goals, the idea behind the program can still be useful. If you are sticking to single exercises such as running or biking, throw in some strength training or vice versa. Mixing up your workouts by combining strength training with aerobic exercises will make a substantial difference when it comes to seeing results.

    If you're unsure about what workout to start, just look up a few online. There is an incredible amount of information on different workouts available at the tips of your fingers. Let’s not forget that your diet is just as crucial, if not more than your exercise routine when it comes to becoming a healthier and more fit you. So get out there and switch it up! You will begin to see the difference in appearance, endurance and strength in no time.