Know About Bed Bugs Treatment

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Bed bugs are popular among the most despised household pests. They can cause much discomposure including sleeplessness, psychological problems and allergies. No single remedy can kill bed bugs. You require a variety of remedies to kill bed bugs. Two of which can be cold therapy and fumigation.

The insect can't withstand extreme temperatures. Various studies have proven that the insect dies within half an hour of being subjected to temperature in -17°C (1.4°F) – the freezing stage for the insect. If you are looking for bed bug bites therapy then you are at right place.

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You will find three freezing methods: cold freezer, naturally cold surroundings and frozen CO2. In every instance, the temperature must be -17°C. If your home freezer may attain this temperature it is a fantastic way to kill bed bugs on fabric sensitive to intense heat.

Wrap the item to a sheet, towel or other kinds of absorbent material which accumulates condensation. Set the item into the freezer for a minimum of two weeks. Avoid defrosting freezers since they are extremely dry and do not maintain the continuous temperature in their own cycle.

Cryonite – Cryonite is main CO2 merchandise in the market designed to kill bed bugs. Cryonite causes the immediate death of bed bugs.