Factors Affecting Fertility In Females

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Fertility issues are getting quite common in females and are a matter of concern if these happen in the most fertile years of females.

Causes for female infertility

Poor diet

Poor diet and lack of nutrition can also lead to a fertility problem. Deficiency of nutrition like protein and iron can lead to irregular or absence of periods so make it difficult for the women to get pregnant.

Fertility diet tips are thus a roadmap of the best food diet to get pregnant as well as the best diet for good fertility. There are many companies which provide books on fertility and conception.

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Extreme and prolonged stress can disturb the level of hormone and lead to irregular periods that can make difficult for a woman to get pregnant.

Thyroid problem

Disorder in the thyroid can lead to a disturbing level of the hormones so can cause a problem for ovulation and pregnancy. Both in case of overactive or underactive thyroid infertility issues can be there for women.

Exposure to chemicals

Exposure to some pesticides, pollutants and industrial compounds also cause the infertility issues in both genders.

Females can face premature menopause due to this exposure. Even chemicals of some beauty products like nail paints and perfumes can also cause the same issues.

Smoking and alcoholism

Smoking and drinking alcohol can disturb the hormone level and can damage DNA in both men and women. Even excessive smoking can disturb the ovulation function so can lead to infertility issues.

Some studies have also shown that smoking can also lead to PCOS problem. Drug addiction can also cause similar results.