Data Visualization Tools: Tableau Vs. MS Excel

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Due to the development of the analytics industry, many businesses have obtained the chance to present new tools that just match the requirements of information analytics processes such as data partitioning, data conversion, data visualization etc.

Consequently, a number of the analytics tools have confronted the impact of the gap that was made by the creation of this business. Formerly MS Excel was used to be the only tool which was used by the majority of the firms for dashboards creations.

Currently, Tableau has been the first choice of associations for tasks like data visualization and dashboards generation, replacing the older MS excel capabilities.

Data Visualization Tools

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If you would like to make a career in data visualization field, then you have to indulge in tableau training to understand the basic as well as advanced concepts of this particular software. Now let’s read about a few reasons why the requirement for this specific software is rising day by day.

Computed Fields

Tableau enables the end-users to produce custom fields so they can set the required values in a new column separate from the previously existing information in the source files. This will give flexibility to the consumers while constructing dashboards in Tableau.

Dynamic Dashboards

Dynamic dashboards can be produced with the assistance of Tableau. That implies, the last dashboards retort to some of the filters which could be used for the final dashboard. This permits the end-users to look at their information through distinct levels from one single dashboard.

Data Visualization

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Tableau online training classes are extremely valuable in learning the fundamental theories and practicing the numerous features of Tableau.

Links to different data sources

It has the capacity to connect to several kinds of data sources such as Excel documents, SQL databases, etc. Not only that, it could get these resources in precisely the exact same time and produce joined tables in the database tables.

These were some of the features which make Tableau better software than MS Excel for data visualization. You may click here to compare core features of both the software.