Cohabitation and Property Division Lawyers

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Cohabitation has become more common among modern-day couples. In some cases, this can be due to financial pressures and the opportunity to save money. On the other hand, others see moving in together the last major commitment before an engagement to be married.

For these couples, cohabitation is a test of compatibility, something like a trial marriage before a real union. No matter the reason, cohabitation can easily cause some decided to take another step in their relationship and marriage. You can also hire professional property disputes lawyers in Concord.

Property Disputes

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While this marriage joined by the properties of the two people involved, they do not always solve the problem of what to do with the property purchased before marriage. If the divorce should take place, it is possible that this period of living together can be a factor to that gets what piece of property in a split.

In divorce, cohabitation may affect some types of property. Not only real estate point of contention, because it usually accounts for the largest number of viable in the distribution process, but other properties can be protected or lost due to live together.

Vehicles, equipment, and other items can be considered a special one person or may be split by a pair depending on whether the court considers the period of cohabitation has contributed to the ownership of the goods.