Smart Means Strategic SEO

Ethical is Ever Effective

SEO Filipino aims to provide best rates in SEO services which adhere to standards of the biggest online search engine companies and at the same time satisfy the needs of real people seeking relevant information.

Output-oriented Translates into Outstanding

Webmasters and online business owners must be aware that search engines are as dynamic as the people utilizing them. SEO Filipino does not make any promise about actual positioning or ranking in search engine result pages. However, seekers of SEO services are guaranteed to receive specific and measurable outputs, for we want to brand ourselves with the results we generate.

Strategic SEO Services – How Does it Work?

This is Kalervo Viitala of Caloocan. I am a true-blooded Filipino and a full-time online earner. I believe that presenting SEO Filipino must begin with the introduction of the leader behind it.

SEO Filipino is a product of my own extensive research and personal experience. Since 2007, I have been earning online while remaining at home in the Philippines, in Asia. There are two main elements which inspired me to put up this website.

First, I have started out my Internet-based career doing online freelance work for clients in and outside several online marketplace web sites. Like everyone in any endeavor, I have had my share of ups and downs. My exposure to strategies and methods requested by my clients – from writing keyword optimized and highly informative articles to applying various aspects of effective and powerful web site promotion – is a key element in the formation of SEO Filipino. As much as possible, the methods which produce the maximum amount of results, are long-term and more often than not permanent in nature, are being implemented and continuously developed.

As time passes by, my efforts of honing my skills and professionalism are noticed by many clients. The problem is, I cannot address all their needs alone, no matter how versatile nor how quick nor how good I am with what I do. This becomes an opportunity for me – I am given the chance to train other people about life-changing systems, contribute to a nation’s struggling economy in the process, while remaining close to the ones I love – which I cannot resist to act on. This is the other important element which has sealed my decision to create this online platform.

I am doing the best that I can so that the people under my direct responsibility will learn by heart the values of a truly successful Internet-based professional. And now, freelancers I have trained started earning online and clients continue receiving desired results from the freelancers who put their training to good use.

To put simply, the services of the SEO Filipino Team are more than just building credibility. You will be working with a group of people who believe that delivering quality outputs is equivalent to being able to provide for one’s family. This has been our strongest guiding principle and will always be.

SEO Filipino is backed by a good track record of its leadership. SEO Filipino is a platform which benefits freelance employers and providers alike. SEO Filipino is following a simple yet proven system of gaining lasting results. However, we lack something that only you can give…

It is called “chance”.

With this in mind, I invite you to give us just that. And then, let us take it from there!

Warm Regards,

Kalervo Viitala
Webmaster and Owner, SEO Filipino